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Tammy Tampa gets a makeover before the skydive adventure…

I knew that Tammy had some depth to her character… lol. It just took the right makeup to give her that self confidence she lacked when she was feeling so,  well, flat.



Tammy Tampa accompanies Craig Smith and I on a Pensacola, FL skydive adventure

My friend Tammy Tampa reacts to the news that Craig and I are tammy from tampa hears about our upcoming skydive adventuregoing skydiving at the end of the month… As you can see, she is shocked and concerned.
i ask Tammy if she would like to come with us on our trip So, I ask Tammy, while relaxing by the pool, if it would ease her mind to come with Randall Craig Smith and I on our trip to Pensacola… She could meet my sister, Patryce Yeiser, her partner Susan Musselwhite, and her kids… all seven of them. Then she could see how our little skydiving stunt would work out in person! She was  excited beyond words!
To be continued…..
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