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Euology for my mother

Though my mother and I had a really difficult relationship, writing her euology did allow me to remember what great gifts she gave me. For those of you who would be interested to read it, here it is:

I was going to get up here and serenade you all and my mother one last time. But as I woke up this morning, god said, “No, you shall have bronchitis”.

My mother taught me compassion. She was the unstoppable good samaratin. She sacrificed the very last inch of herself for others; the very last inch. She taught me to BE sunshine. She was the spark that ignited my very cherry disposition. She graciously endowed me with a boundless strength. She showed me to take love, light, compassion, and care to the darkest of places. I watched her example. She showed us all that it was OUR resposibility, ALL of us, to care for one another.

She gave the world her beautiful light, and her music; the lilting light of her voice and the complicated syncopations of the strumming of her Gibson Dove guitar.

I have early memories of singing with my mother. I was John Denver and she was Olivia Newton John, singing “Fly Away” at some “local entertainment venue”. I remember dancing in the kitchen with my mother, singing the entire score of the “Grease” soundtrack as warm sunshine poured in through the kitchen window.

I will carry from here the sensation of the warm sunshine on my face, and the beautiful sound of my mother’s voice.
I am here to thank her for teaching me strength of character, strength of heart, and to have compassion and love for ALL.

A mothers love is a sacred charge. A mother’s love is the example by which we ALL learn to love. A mother’s love is our 1st love. It is how we experience the unconditional and the miraculous.

So finally, I charge you all. Parents, love the blessings of the children you are given. Children, hold jealously the days you have with your parents. When you are young those days may seem endless, but as the sun sets on your parents final days, they are precious few and not ever enough.

Thank you for coming to celebrate my mother. Because she is a part of each and every one of us.

My mother will never be far away. She has always been here inside my heart.

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